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Shipping Schedule

Breck's times its shipments from Holland so that bulbs arrive at the proper planting time (depending on climatic conditions) for each area of Canada.

We take advance reservations, and then just as soon as the crops are harvested, our staff of Dutch Bulb Experts makes an on-the-spot selection of the finest bulbs available to fill those reservations.

Fall Shipping Schedule
Zone All Other Plants & Bulbs
10 Sept 8 – Nov 28
9 Sept 8 – Nov 28
8 Sept 8 – Nov 28
7 Sept 8 – Nov 28
6 Sept 8 – Nov 28
5 Sept 8 – Nov 28
4 Sept 8 – Nov 28
3 Sept 8 – Nov 28
Last Order Date Nov 24th

Order Deadlines for Guaranteed Christmas 2016 Deliveries
Dec 1, 2016 Dec 9, 2016 Dec. 15, 2016
Yukon Newfoundland Quebec
Northwest Territories Saskatchewan New Brunswick
Nunavut Manitoba Nova Scotia
Alberta Prince Edward Island
British Columbia Ontario

Spring Shipping Schedule
All Other Plants & Bulbs
Zone First Ship Date Last Order Date Last Ship Date
3 - 10 18-Apr 30-May 3-Jun

Spring Shipping Schedule
Zone First Ship Date Last Order Date Last Ship Date
3 - 10 4-Apr 30-May 3-Jun

Once your order has been packed, it will be loaded on a cargo ship bound for Canada directly from Holland. The shipment will need to clear Customs where it will then be transported to your home. We ship via Canada Post.

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