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Bee Balm Collection

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North America's Most Useful Perennial
This old-fashioned flower is much more than just a pretty face. For those who grow and love it, it can be a cut flower, home cure and even a tasty tea. Bee balm, or Monarda, has been a staple of North American gardens for centuries, and now you can add a rainbow of bee balm blooms to your borders and beds.

These native species will feel right at home in your garden
Each easy-care variety in our new Bee Balm Collection was bred from native North American species and is winter hardy in zones 3-9. A member of the mint family, bee balm produces fragrant, spicy foliage that deer and rabbits detest but local pollinators can't resist. From midsummer to early fall, colourful, crown-shaped flowers will attract beneficial bees, but that's not all. Beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds will also become frequent visitors to your bee balm blooms, so be sure to plant them (in sun or part shade) somewhere you can enjoy the view.

From Native Cure to New World 'Cuppa'
Part herb, part ornamental beauty, bee balm was revered by the North American Indians for its healing properties. But it wasn't until the late 18th century that the European colonists began their love affair with this versatile plant. After the Boston Tea Party, Americans began to embrace bee balm as a replacement for imported Chinese tea. Soon bee balm tea was one of the most popular drinks in colonial homes, and bee balm blooms were plentiful in their gardens.

Besides garden beauty, here are just a few of the many more uses for Bee Balm:

• Bee balm tea—just boil and steep a few dried leaves.
• Edible, slightly spicy bee balm flowers can be used in salads or as pastry toppings.
• Fragrant oils released from crushed bee balm leaves act as a natural mosquito repellent.
• Antimicrobial properties make bee balm a key ingredient in home remedies for colds, sore throats and more.
• Strained and cooled water from boiled bee balm can soothe a sunburn, rash or insect bite.

This collection includes 2 each of the following varieties:

Snow White: 70-80 cm tall
Beauty of Cobham: 70-80 cm tall
Garden View Scarlet: 100-115 cm tall
Prairie Night: 70-80 cm tall
Mohawk: 90-115 cm tall

Product Information:

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Bloom Time: Midsummer to Early Fall
Zones: 3 to 9
Height: 70-115 cm
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