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Deluxe Astilbe Collection

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Summer-Long Beauty for Difficult Planting Locations
When professional landscapers create a plan for an elegant garden, they almost always reserve a spot for a special planting of astilbes. Few plants provide so much beauty and colour for such an extended period... and with so little care.

Perfect for Shade
These attractive, mound-shaped perennials with fern-like foliage produce dozens of soft, feathery, plume-like flowers on 50-90 cm stems. Astilbes grow well anywhere, but are particularly fond of shady spots where dramatic colour is often lacking. They're not fussy about soil and do especially well at watersides. Astilbes are attractive when planted in drifts or when used in combination with other perennials. Even a single specimen is effective since the foliage, blooms and shape of each plant can be appreciated from all sides. They offer a long blooming period during late spring and early summer, filling the garden with feathery spires for many weeks. Even when not in bloom, their dark green, high-gloss leaves are attractive all by themselves or as summer bouquet greenery.

In Holland, astilbes have long been the mainstay of summer perennial gardens. They're so easy to grow and require so little attention, you'll even find them blooming brightly along roads and canals. Planted en masse, they're a special delight. While you'll find them blooming in sunny spots, they are most often chosen for their unique ability to grow with vigour and bloom profusely in shade or semi-shade. All they ask for is plenty of moisture to keep their roots thriving.

And the Beauty Continues…
Astilbe's 50-90 cm flowering stems bloom with colourful charm for several weeks in late spring and early summer, and their beauty doesn't end when the colour fades. The dried plumes turn an elegant amber-tan and continue to provide garden interest all through the summer and into the fall. Meanwhile, the highgloss, dark green foliage, which grows in foothigh mounds, provides an extremely attractive ground cover.

This collection includes 2 each of following varieties:

Lavender Gorgeous feathery plumes in lovely lavender are a rare sight to see! Mounds of lush foliage set the stage for an amazing pop of colour that draws in the eye. The cool hue looks great in sun or shade and adds a unique element to any flower bed.

Red Fanal An absolute must for any astilbe planting. Scarletred plumes will truly stand out in the garden or as part of a container display. Each plume contains hundreds of florets that create eyecatching beauty—perfect for patio planters.

Deutschland Deutschland's big, feathery, snow white plumes create garden excitement as they stand proudly above the elegant, deep green mounds of foliage. The ideal plant to blend with other perennials as the colours of plantings nearby pop against the brilliant white.

Peach Blossom Everyone's favourite! Masses of cotton-candy pink florets create spectacular plumes that look good enough to eat! Gorgeous as individual specimens, but even more attractive in beds and drifts. The colour lasts for weeks and weeks.

Product Information:

Light: Part to Full Shade
Bloom Time: Early to Midsummer
Size: 2-3 eye roots
Zones: 3 to 9
Height: 60-90 cm
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