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Happy Lily Tree® Collection

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A selection of massive, trumpet lilies come together in this vibrant collection, sure to spread cheer in your summer garden! In the first year, these incredible lilies will grow 3-4 feet tall, bearing 4 to 5 flowers per plant. The next year, the trees go through another growth spurt, reaching 5-6 feet tall. By year three, you'll enjoy towering, 6-8 feet tall and incredibly strong stems, that easily bear 20-30 gorgeous blooms! Delightfully fragrant, naturalize well, and are easy, carefree plants. Lilium

This collection includes 3 each of the following varieties:

  • Lifestyle: Large lilies of the deepest pink are artfully edged in bold bands of creamy white. These magnificent blooms are set apart from their contemporaries by their extraordinary size and vivid hue. Plus, you'll be treated to masses of gorgeous flowers year after year as your Lily Tree increases in height and vigour. Cut a stem or two to create an exquisite indoor arrangement.

  • Purple Lady: Large, purplish-pink flowers on remarkably tall and very sturdy stems. Flowers have a green centre and each petal shows a cream midrib. For as impressive as this variety is, it's also surprisingly easy to grow! Bulbs perennialize easily in a sunny to partly shaded spot with good drainage.

  • Saltarello: A one-of-a-kind Lily Tree! The tall and sturdy stems produce lots of lovely, 15–18 cm butterscotch-colored flowers over a period of 3 weeks during the summer. Flowers are deliciously scented. Lily Trees combine the best features of Oriental and Trumpet Lilies: fragrance, large flowers, and superior garden performance.

  • Pretty Woman: Spectacular, pure white blooms of impressive size grace this amazingly tall Lily Tree and make a lovely addition to any landscape. Strong stalks reach up to 250 cm tall and produce a profusion of stunning lilies for all to admire. Bring a few indoors to create a gorgeous arrangement in your kitchen or dining room.

    Product Information:

    Light: Sun to Part Shade
    Bloom Time: Mid to Late Summer
    Size: 16-18 cm
    Zones: 3 to 9
    Height: 90-250 cm
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