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Rainbow Yarrow Collection

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Compact plants with continuous blooms

The plant, the myth, the legend…
Achillea, or yarrow, has an ancient reputation as a healing herb. In fact, stories of its medicinal uses go back as far as Greek mythology. According to legend, the plant was named for the Trojan War hero Achilles, who was said to have used the herb to heal his soldiers' wounds. Since then, yarrow has been employed throughout the centuries as a medicinal plant in Western Europe, Asia and North America. Its countless uses include treating colds, fevers, eczema, asthma and anxiety.

Look down for this rainbow
Producing clusters of colourful flowers in nearly any soil condition, easy-care yarrow (Achillea) is well known to most avid gardeners. Breck's new Rainbow Yarrow Collection has all the benefits of Conventional yarrow, but with a lower profile of only 50 cm tall!

Fuss-free, flat-top flowers keep coming all summer.
A natural choice for borders and containers, Rainbow Yarrow grows quickly and to a perfectly manageable height. Its tight bundles of small florets create a seamless surface of colour that butterflies and other beneficial pollinators can't resist.— and the blooms keep coming till early fall! Yarrow also makes an excellent cut flower and is a must have for decorative wreaths and dried arrangements. Remove spent flowers throughout the growing season to ensure the most repeat blooms possible.

More magic below the blooms…
Yarrow is drought and heat tolerant and adaptable to nearly any soil. Its finely divided, fernlike foliage is attractive to humans, but not palatable to most plant eating pests. Revered by permaculture gardeners, yarrow fits right in to a self-sustaining ecosystem. Its deep roots are able to mine the soil below for minerals and then store them for a "rainy day." This means that after each growing season, instead of yard waste, you'll be left with nutrient-rich plant material that can be added to the compost bin or chopped up for natural mulch.

This collection includes two each of the following varieties:

Yellow Bouquet
Crème de la Crème
Ending Blue
Sparkling Contrast

Product Information:

Light: Full Sun
Bloom Time: Summer to Early Fall
Zones: 3 to 9
Height: 50 cm
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