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Siberian Iris Collection

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Cold-Hardy Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris — a Holy History
Siberian iris were first collected in Siberia by monks over 500 years ago. A common sight in monastery gardens in the Middle Ages, these rugged flowers eventually became known across Europe for their beauty and resilience, and now they even grow wild in parts of North America. With blooms arriving a few weeks after tall bearded varieties, Siberian iris will extend your iris display into the summer.

Each Siberian Iris is like Two Plants in One!
With spectacular flowers and attractive, grass like foliage that forms in carefree clumps, Siberian iris are a landscaper's dream and a home gardener's delight. We've put together five of our favourite varieties for this new collection, which is guaranteed to provide long-lasting, low maintenance beauty year after year!

Where to Plant your Beardless Beauties
Siberian iris are more cold-hardy than their tall bearded cousins and they can tolerate more shade. In cooler regions, however, full sun is still best. Siberian iris prefer moist soil, so they do well near a pond, but don't let them get waterlogged year round.

Common Features of these Uncommon Iris:
• Attractive foliage that resembles ornamental grass
• Shade tolerance—although they prefer full sun.
• Preference for moist soil or "wet feet".
•  Late-season seed pods that look great in dried arrangements

This collection includes one each of the following varieties:

• Flying Fiddles: This untamed beauty has a surprising colour combination complete with dramatic veining and a pop of pale blue in the centre. Slightly petite and lightly perfumed. Grows 50 cm tall.

• I See Stars: Unique form! Wide 14 cm flowers feature uniform, deep blue petals lying flat in a spokelike pattern. Bright white signal areas offer a striking contrast. Grows 75 cm tall.

• Miss Apple:Graced with gold and closer to true red than any other Siberian iris, this will also be one of the first to bloom! Flowers are sweetly fragrant. Grows 75 cm tall.

• Swans in Flight: A vigorous variety with large, bright white flowers that refuse to flop! In 2016, it became the first Siberian iris ever to win the prestigious Dykes Medal. Grows 60-80 cm tall

• How Audacious :This aptly named iris stands out from the crowd thanks to a bold colour pattern and aboveaverage height. A white outline around each fall adds to the effect. Grows 85 cm tall.

Product Information:

Light: Full Sun
Bloom Time: Late Spring to Early Summer
Zones: 3 to 9
Height: 50 - 85 cm
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