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Landscaping with Bulbs

Anyone can bring a touch of Dutch magic to their home with Dutch Bulbs. Breck's "Selected for Beauty" Bulbs will grow anywhere in America. (Although in the very southernmost sections they require special handling. See "In Milder Climates" in this Handbook.)

There are numerous places around most American homes where bulbs will add a delightful display in the springtime: by patios, in rock gardens and beds, along paths or driveways. They are also effective in front of evergreen hedges, along fences, and around mailboxes, birdbaths and sundials.

Consider plantings which can be enjoyed often, such as beside the entrances of your house, along your walkways and near the garage. And don't overlook the opportunity to naturalize bulbs in any area where you'll welcome their arrival each spring. They will add color and beauty to your groundcover plantings, and Crocus are a true delight when naturalized in the lawn.

For the look of Holland, it is best to plant bulbs en masse. Whether you're planting six or six dozen, they make the best display when planted together in loose, informal clusters. Use them boldly. And remember, the smaller the blossoms, the more bulbs you should plant for a dramatic display. Don't plant them in straight rows. They'll look best in staggered free-form arrangements.

Spring bulbs like the sun. Don't hesitate, however, to plant them among trees and shrubs, whose leaves will not be shading the ground until later in the season, after bulbs have done most of their growing and blooming. You can plant your bulbs near evergreens, too, if you plant them where the low-angled early spring sun will reach the plants most of the day.

Since you'll probably be planting your Dutch Bulbs during some of fall's nicest weather, don't overlook the fact that you may not be spending as much time outside when your spring flowers are in bloom - particularly the early season varieties. So consider plantings which can easily be seen from the windows of your home.

One of the most delightful ways to use bulbs is to interplant them among other flowers, to bring color at a time when these flowers are not in bloom to bring interest before or after they bloom. This is an easy way to extend the colorful effect of your beds and borders. Bulbs also make excellent companions for many other plants. Exciting color combinations can be achieved by mixing bulbs with perennials and shrubs; even mixing them with other bulbs.


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