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How to Plant Bulbs

Things to do after receiving bulbs
Open the Package
Open the package and examine its contents to make sure all the bulbs that you ordered are there and in good condition.
As you begin planting, remember there are many places around the home where bulbs can add a delightful display during the spring: by patios, in rock gardens, along driveways, around mailboxes, along fences and in front of evergreen hedges.

Plant your bulbs It's always best to plant your bulbs when you get them. If that's not possible, open the bulb bags to allow air to circulate through them, then keep them in a dark cool (45-55°F) location such as an unheated garage or basement. Ideally, the bulbs should be placed in a refrigerator's vegetable crisper drawer, but keep them away from apples and other fruits that release ethylene gas as they ripen.

Bulbs thrive in well drained soil
Your bulbs will thrive in most types of well-drained soil,
although it's desirable to break up heavy soils before planting and work in some compost or peat moss to a depth of 10-12" to keep the soil loose and provide better drainage. Most bulbs have pointed tips that should face upward when planted, and they should get at least an inch of water each week.

Supplementing with Breck's Food Supplement your bulbs' feeding with Breck's® Food for Bulbs and Perennials to stimulate root development, promote stronger growth and produce bigger, longer-lasting flowers. Hardy bulbs such as tulips and daffodils can remain in the ground during the winter, but in cold climates, they should be covered with mulch for protection.

Bulbs Blooming Once the bulbs have bloomed, remove any spent flowers but leave all the foliage. It's important to allow foliage to turn yellow and wither naturally. The leaves provide nourishment to the bulbs for next season's blooms. In cold climates, tender bulbs such as gladiolus, cannas, dahlias and calla lilies that are planted in the spring must be lifted, or removed from the ground, in the fall.

Storing Lifted Bulbs Store lifted bulbs in a well-ventilated, frost-free area until the foliage has dried. Remove the dried foliage and place your bulbs in an unsealed paper bag, old nylon stocking or a shallow, plastic-lined box with a blanket of peat moss or vermiculite.

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