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3 Months of Mixed Daffodils

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Enjoy daffodils from early to late spring!
Our 3 Months of Mixed Daffodils mixture is made up of landscape-size bulbs and is blended to provide the widest possible range of colour, form and bloom time. Large- and small-cupped, trumpet varieties have wide petals and ruffled cups. Graceful Poeticus and Split Corona add variety to the show, while the smaller, fragrant flowers of Jonquilla and Tazetta round out the mix. Plant in beds, a woodland setting or the cutting garden to enjoy flowers throughout the season. Once established, they will double their number in two years, then again in two more years.

Product Information:

Light: Sun to Partial Shade
Bloom Time: Very Early to Late Spring
Size: 12-14
Zones: 3 to 9
Height: 30–45 cm
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