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Improved White Feather Hosta

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Improved White Feather Hosta

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New and 'Improved' White Feather Hosta
Larger, Stronger & More Vigorous!

White Feather Hosta
Improved White Feather Hosta is a new take on an old favourite. It grows taller, is more robust, yields thicker leaves and has a more upright habit.

Worldwide Exclusive! You can't get this "version 2.0" of the extremely popular White Feather Hosta anywhere else on the planet! We're proud to be the world's exclusive retailer of this shade-loving masterpiece from renowned hybridizer Arie Blom, who spent five years developing it. Improved White Feather Hosta is just that—a variety that is stronger, more vigorous and more substantial than its predecessor.

While the leaves of its little brother grow horizontally, this one's reach for the sky, and are thicker and sturdier. These qualities give Improved White Feather a more upright habit —this plant grows 20-22" tall—and make it more sun tolerant (although, like the original, it performs and looks best in full shade). This foliage is uniquely hued, opening as white before developing green veining and then changing to a blend of cream and green in the weeks that follow. From early summer to early fall, it yields lavender, bell-shaped blooms that light up your landscape and attract butterflies. A stunning addition to any shady border, try planting them together in groups as ground cover for a real attention-getting display. You're sure to love this special, new hosta!

White Feather Hosta White Feather Hosta
About the Hybridizer

About the Hybridizer Has there ever been a new plant hybrid so aptly named? Improved White Feather Hosta is a major update of a very popular hosta beloved for its bright, colour-changing leaves. This game-changing plant is the creation of renowned Dutch hybridizer Arie Blom.

Arie breeds hostas, daylilies and other plants at Heemskerk Vaste Planten in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. When Arie joined Heemskerk, the nursery was already growing the original White Feather Hosta for its customers. He started working on ways to improve it, and after five years of research and breeding developed a hybrid that was larger, more vigorous and more substantial. Its leaves still changed from white to cream and green, but were thicker and sturdier, causing the plant to grow more vertically. Its upright habit made the hybrid more sun tolerant‑one of Improved White Feather's most desirable qualities!
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Improved White Feather Hosta

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