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Stacking Snack Tins

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Keep these Stacking Snack Tins on hand for seasonal cravings and last-minute gifts.
We've packed a pair of our beautiful amaryllis tins with delicious snacks to share with friends, set out at parties or send to faraway family. Set makes a great gift (or two) for an officemate or homesick college student, and the reusable tins are also handy yearround storage containers.EXCLUSIVE.

Honey Crunch Nutties (Small Tin) Sweet and crunchy mix includes honey-coated peanuts, sesame sticks, almonds and cashews. (340 g) (6.5cm h, 16.5cm dia.)

Chocolate-Covered Raisins, Peanuts and Pretzels (Large Tin) Packed with Neapolitan candy-coated pretzels (170 g), plus deluxe, chocolate-dipped peanuts (198 g) and raisins (198 g). (7.5cm h, 20.5cm dia.)

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