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WOW!® Perennial Tulip Collection

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WOW!® Perennial Tulip Collection

Old Price $109.99 Price $67.99 Packed 41 per package
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sku # 94983
We ship this item in Fall at the proper planting time for your hardiness zone.

Single Planting Produces Years of Giant TulipsThese unusually large bulbs produce vastly superior blooms—fewer than one in a thousand perennial tulips grow to this size! The varieties in this collection are perennial tulips, which grow and bloom with increased vigour and beauty year after year.

Our WOW!® Perennial Tulip Collection includes 8 jumbo bulbs of five varieties, all of which bloom in early to mid-spring.

  • Red Dynasty: Nature's perfect complement to the colours of springtime, this big, bold adventurer will bring an air of grandeur to your garden or bouquet with its brilliant, colourful blooms. Robust, signal red blooms appear in mid spring on durable 60-65 cm stems.
  • Sun Gold: A touch of golden-yellow splendour for your garden or bouquet, this jewel sparkles like a radiant sunbeam against the lush, deep greens of mid spring. It's a prolific and long-lasting bloomer supported by sturdy 60-65 cm stems.
  • Halley's Comet: Mesmerizing colour and contrast are this showstopper's claim to fame. Brilliant yellow blooms blaze with flames of deep red atop strong 55-65 cm stems in mid spring, making this an ideal choice to chase away the winter-time blues.
  • Purissima: As pure and pristine as fresh-fallen snow, this lustrous white beauty is sure to awaken your garden from its long winter's nap. Early- to mid-spring blooms on 40-45 cm stems provide the perfect contrast for the vivid colours of its companions.
  • Guinevere: Like its legendary namesake, this fabled queen is renowned for quiet beauty, strength and elegance. With dramatic pink blooms perched majestically a top 60-65 cm stems, it's a touch of royalty for your mid-spring garden or bouquet.
Plus, as a FREE GIFT, with every collection you order we'll send you one rare, giant size Towering Prism tulip. This enormous bulb—a full 14cm or larger—will grow with vigour in your garden, producing a tall (over three feet tall), chalice-shaped flower with a beautiful pink blush, fading into a yellow trim.

  • Zone 3-9
  • Light Requirements Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height 40-65 cm
  • Size Jumbo Bulb
  • Bloom Time Early to mid spring

Product Details

  • Botanical NameCollection of various Tulipa darwinhybrid
  • FormBulb
  • Flower FormEgg shaped flower
  • Hardiness Zone3-9
  • Foliage TypeGray-green, linear or broadly ovate.
  • Growth RateMedium
  • Spread10 - 15 cm
  • Planting Instructions15 cm deep and 8-15 cm apart.
  • Soil RequirementsWell drained
  • Spacing 10 - 15 cm
  • Will TolerateAcidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil
  • Watering DescriptionAverage water needs. Water regularly, do not overwater.
  • Winter careMulch +/- 5 cm
  • PruningOnly dead heading. It is important to let the foliage mature and die down naturally, do not cut back. Next year's bloom is being developed

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Important Shipping Notes:

Breck's times its shipments from Holland so that bulbs arrive at the proper planting time (depending on climatic conditions) for each area of Canada.

We take advance reservations, and then just as soon as the crops are harvested, our staff of Dutch Bulb Experts makes an on-the-spot selection of the finest bulbs available to fill those reservations.

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