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Lily Trees

Eye-catching Lily Trees deliver massive, upward-facing flowers with vivid color, fragrance and exceptional dependability for 3+ weeks in midsummer. Lily Trees are attention-getting hybrids that produce enormous flowers on thick stems that grow taller than most people! You won't believe your eyes, or your nose, when your garden is filled with their massive, colourful and often fragrant blooms.

The Tallest Lilies Ever Grown!

The fast-growing lily tree plants reliably reach 3-4' tall in the first year, 5-6' in height during year two and an astonishing 6-8' tall in the third year! Carefree and easy to grow, Lily Trees are ideal for planting in the back of borders or in the corner of beds—locations where their tremendous height can be fully appreciated. These excellent visual anchors will help define your landscape!

Year after year, these hybrids can be counted on to produce massive, up-facing trumpets of vivid colouration, exceptional form and—in many varieties—delicate fragrance. Every plant bears four to five elegant flowers in the very first year and from 20 to 30 blooms by year three!

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